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Nihongo Quest Update- Feb 2021

Happy New Year!

While we have been active on social media, this is our first actual update to the game since December! First thing is first:

After this update, we are closing new players from joining the alpha

Due to heightened interest in the game, we now have far more people interested in playing the game then we can handle. Therefore, we will be closing access to the beta to new players after this update. This brings up a very important point:

If you are not on our Discord server, please be sure to join!

Click here to join if you haven't already.

This is the easiest way to communicate about the beta and to make sure that only selected users are included.

Katakana is now in Nihongo Quest!

In this update, you will now be able to study Katakana in addition to Hiragana! Next, we will be adding Kanji radicals, and then finally move into grammar and vocabulary for N5!

Nihongo Quest is no longer an MMO

If you played our December update, you know that Nihongo Quest was an MMO. But due to heavy interest in the alpha (especially after the game went viral on TikTok), I realized trying to manage the required servers all by myself was too much for a single dev to handle. So Nihongo Quest is returning to an offline game that will have optional multiplayer. More details in the multiplayer will be announced for our next update.

I think that is the major news for this update, but stay tuned for more!

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