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Level: N5

Game Location: ハコタテ お皿 Ward


The main point:

お・ご is a prefix put in front of some nouns to make them seem more formal or important.


  • Some words only get the prefix in certain formal settings.
    • 確認 (かくにん、confirmation) becomes 確認 in formal situations
    • お・ご is often only used in these situations when referring to a noun that relates to someone else.
      • If you are confirming something, just use 確認
      • If someone else is confirming something, use ご確認
      • The self vs. others difference in grammar is an important distinction in formal Japanese that we will analyze more going forward.
  • Some words always have the prefix, regardless of setting or vocabulary.
    • 飯 (ごはん、cooked rice) always has the ご. It is never just 飯

Example Sentences:

飯です。(ごはんです、(It is) cook rice.)

金じゃない。(おかねじゃない、(It is not) money.).

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